Abacus Learning Institute, Inc. presents a collaboration of the best talents in the academia field. Our instructors have decades of teaching thousands of students in the Actuarial field. Each instructor has a desire to pass their teachings on to the next generation of actuarial students and alumni.

Dr. James W. Daniel, A.S.A.

Dr. JimDaniel Dr. Jim Daniel, ASA, is both an instructor and Director of Actuarial Education for Abacus Learning Institute.

With over 45 years of teaching experience at three universities - Stanford University (where he obtained his Ph. D.), the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and the University of Texas at Austin (UT - Austin) - he has taught actuarial science, mathematics, computer science, and problem solving for future teachers. Thirty of those years were spent in positions of leadership and management, including 21 years as Director of Actuarial Program at UT - Austin teaching classes on almost all the preliminary exam topics during that period, six as Chair of the UT - Austin Mathematics Department, two as Scientific Director for Europe and the Middle East of the Office of Naval Research in London, and one as Chair of UT - Austin's Faculty Senate.

His well-known actuarial exam-prep review seminars began for the life-contingencies exam (now MLC/3L) in 1994 and for the modeling exam (now C/4) in 2003.

Major awards include election to UT-Austin's elite Academy of Distinguished Teachers in 2005, the College of Natural Sciences Teaching Excellence Award in 1999, the UT-Austin Natural Sciences Council Faculty Service Award in 2009, and an honorary doctorate from Wabash College in 1987.

Jim's Associateship was awarded in 1991 after he passed all the Associateship exams in three consecutive spring or fall exam periods. He has written two SOA Study Notes on the reading lists for actuarial exams and has co-authored one of the approved interest-theory textbooks for Exam FM/2. While his greatest mathematical strength is as a problem solver, he has also authored or co-authored some 50 research articles, two research books, five textbooks, and nearly 40 non-research articles.

His professional service has included working on or chairing various exam-related task forces for the SOA, organizing sessions on actuarial education at professional meetings, and leadership roles with the Mathematical Association of America.

Jim also works as a consultant to the Texas Education Agency on developing continuing education for teachers wanting to teach a high school course called Statistics & Risk Management.

In mid 2010, Jim became Vice-chair of the Subcommittee for Actuarial Educators (a subcommittee of the Education Committee of the International Actuarial Association) that oversees the Actuarial Educators Network (AEN), which provides resources for and communication about actuarial education and research.

Abacus LI Courses: 4/C Online Fundamentals Course & MLC Live Seminar

Dr. Steve Paris, A.S.A.

Dr. Steve Paris Dr. Steve Paris, A.S.A. is the coordinator of Actuarial Sciences at Florida State University.

Dr. Paris has worked as a retirement consultant and continues his interest in both defined contribution and defined benefit pension plan issues. His main interest over the past several years has been actuarial science education. Through his actuarial seminars and classes he has been able to help many students pass actuarial exams P/1, FM/2, and MLC.

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Dr. Natalia A. Humphreys

Dr. Natalia A. Humphreys is a Clinical Professor and the Associate Head of the Actuarial Program at the Department of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Texas at Dallas. Her research areas are Probability and Actuarial Science. Dr. Humphreys is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (2005) and a Qualified Actuary (2009).

Before joining the faculty at the University of Texas at Dallas, Dr. Humphreys has served the business community in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in various actuarial roles for eight years. She started her actuarial career in the retirement practice of Watson Wyatt Worldwide (now Willis Towers Watson), a benefits consulting firm, as an actuarial analyst. Upon reaching her FSA designation, she continued her actuarial practice at HealthMarkets, Inc., a health insurance company, assuming the role of the valuation and reserving Associate Actuary.

Dr. Humphreys teaches actuarial classes designed to prepare students for CAS/SOA/CIA Exams 2/FM, 3L/MLC, 3F/MFE, and 4/C. In addition to her university role, she is a member of several SOA education committees.

Dr. Humphreys’ experience in the academic and business environment has taught her the importance of having efficient and concise exam preparation strategy and technique. She hopes that the new MFE/3F exam preparation seminar offered by the Abacus Learning Institute will help its participants hone their exam taking skills, deepen their understanding of the material and propel their ability to successfully pass this important exam thus furthering and enriching their actuarial career.

Abacus LI Courses: 3/MFE Face-to-Face Seminar & Live Seminar.

Dr. Chris Wilson

Dr. Chris Wilson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science at Butler University where he has been a faculty member since 2007. His primary role at Butler is teaching Actuarial Mathematics courses and advising students in the Actuarial Science program. Wilson received the 2015 College of Liberal Arts and Science Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. He is the author/creator of the Abacus Learning Institute online course in probability theory. He is currently pursuing Associateship in the Society of Actuaries and is writing a textbook on mathematical models in finance for undergraduate Actuarial Science majors. Wilson has also taught high school mathematics and music in Mishawaka, Indiana, and in Manchester, England.

Dr. Wilson earned his bachelor’s in Music Education and Piano from Indiana University. He holds an MA and a PhD in Mathematics from Indiana University, where he studied noncommutative rings. His current research focuses on a generalization of the crossed product construction.

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Dr. Milica Cudina, Ph. D.

Dr. Milica Cudina Dr. Milica Cudina is an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin

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