1.  What makes Abacus Learning Institute, Inc's services and products superior than other learning materials on the market today?

Experience Counts
Abacus LI has partnered with seasoned professors across the nation to provide the best learning environment and material for our customers.  Our instructors have decades of experience teaching hundreds of actuarial students at some of the best universities and through their face-to-face seminars. 

Giving Back
Abacus LI donates to University Math departments in an effort to help the next group of learners.

2.  Abacus LI offers several products.  What exactly is an online course?  What is included in a face-to-face seminar?

Online Course
Our online courses are recorded lessons covering the core concepts of the exam material.  The instructors focus on the main exam features by providing a detailed breakdown of the subject matter.  The first lesson of each of our online courses is available for free. 

Our online courses can be viewed where ever wi-fi is available and most mobile devices can access our products.

Face-to-Face Seminars
Meet our professors first hand by attending their face-to-face seminars.  Each seminar is designed to cover the main concepts and ideas for the course material.

3.  I'm more of a face-to-face person but I am thinking of taking the online course.  Would I benefit from the online course?

Absolutely.  Our online courses cover the same material as our face-to-face seminars.  You can view your lessons as many times as you wish.  Our instructors answer your questions via email.

4.  I purchased an online course.  How often and for how long can I access the course?

Our online courses are available to you for 10 months of the date of your purchase or until you pass the exam, which ever comes first.  Since the lessons are recorded, you can access them at any time and as often as you would like.  If you need additional time, you may purchase a 5 month extension of your course here.

5.  Although the online courses and face-to-face seminars present the material thoroughly, what would happen if I fail the exam sitting?

By allowing 10 months of access to our online courses per purchase, you should have ample to to utilize your course should you fail your first exam.  If you require additional time, you may purchase a 5 month continued subscription.

6.  I'm constantly on the go.  Will I have any issues viewing the online courses while traveling? 

Abacus LI is as mobile as you are.  As long as you have Internet connection you can view your online courses, our social networking site and much more. 

7.  Is it possible to copy the online course lessons to my hard drive so that I can view them later or share them with a friend?

Our instructor team spends a great deal of time and effort in creating the online courses.  The material is proprietary to Abacus Learning Institute, Inc. and can not be downloaded.  We have however made the online courses (and the entire website) easy to use by mobile devices and wi-fi.

Sharing the online course with a friend is not allowed.  Purchasing an online course provides the user with the course information and the band width for just one user.  By sharing the account with others, our band width will become over run with non users forcing true users to have slower viewing rates.  Abacus LI periodically checks user accounts and histories and has the right to terminate any user performing in any illegal activities.

8.  I'm having a hard time accessing or viewing the online course lessons.  Is there something I can do to help this issue?

Please keep in mind that our online courses are designed to work over the internet either on a desktop, laptop, or any mobile device.  Using an outdated computer system or a system with outdated Internet connection may not render the videos for viewing purposes and is not advised. 

If your system prevents you from rendering our videos, please check to see if a firewall is in place that prevents the viewing.  If problems persist, please contact us at CustomerService@AbacusLI.com for additional help.

9.  My company would like to offer the online course(s) to it's employees?  Is it possible to receive a discount?

Abacus LI encourages employers to become a part of our community by providing it's employees with online courses and/or face-to-face seminars.  For additional information, please email Pennie Berk, our Executive Director, directly at PBerk@AbacusLI.com.

10.  I'm a student.  Do you offer student discounts?

We do offer discounts to students. Please email us at CustomerService@abacusli.com for more information.

11.  My company would like to become a sponsor.  Would do we need to do to get started?

Abacus LI would love to welcome you aboard as one of our sponsors.  Please contact Pennie Berk, our Executive Director, directly at PBerk@AbacusLI.com.

12.  I'm interested in joining the Abacus LI Instructor team.  The course I am interested in is not currently filled.  Can I become the instructor for the course?

Absolutely.  To learn more about the opportunity to partner with us please email Dr. James Daniel, our Director of Actuarial Services, directly at JDaniel@AbacusLI.com.

Last modified: Sunday, January 1, 2017, 9:11 PM