4/C Construction of Actuarial Models

4/C Construction of Actuarial Models Abacus LI's Fundamental's material for 4/C covers important actuarial methods that are useful in modeling. These models go beyond those that are covered in Exam M.

Dr. Jim Daniel, Abacus Learning Institue, Inc.'s Dean of Actuarial Sciences, is your host for the Online Fundamentals Course.

Abacus provides an Online Fundamentals Course for 4/C as well as a Face-to-Face Seminar

You may receive a complimentary copy of 4/C Module 1 in March, August and December. We offer Dr. Daniel's 4C/MLC Study Notes for Free year round.
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Receive a FREE copy of the first Module of Abacus Learning Institute, Inc.'s 4/C Fundamentals Online Course. 

This module covers Severity Models and includes:

  • Severity Analysis Tools
  • Common Severity Distributions
  • Mixtures - Not Just for Severity
  • Transforming Random Variables
  • Policy Modifications

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Abacus Learning Institute, Inc. presents Dr. Jim Daniel's 4C/MLC Study Notes.

Dr. Daniel occasionally releases Study Notes to help learners prepare for actuarial exams.  This offer provides the user with a FREE copy of the notes. 

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Study Notes included:

  • "Poisson processes (and mixture distributions)", 14 pages originally intended as an alternative to the then SoA/CAS-required material on Poisson processes in the Probability Models textbook by Ross but now the required reading material for CAS 3L; two of those pages cover the concept of mixture distributions that come up throughout the Exam MLC/3L and C/4 syllabi.
  • "Mixture distributions in Exams MLC/3L and C/4", 12 pages intended to explain how to compute with the mixture distributions that appear in Exam MLC/3L and especially in Exam C/4—including a simple way to compute with the kernel-smoothing or kernel-density method of Exam C/4.
  • "(Common) Shock models in Exam MLC", 11 pages intended  to explain a simple way to compute with shock models that makes them a special case of the more commonly tested material on joint independent lifetimes.
  • "LogNormal stock-price models", 11 pages primarily intended to provide prerequisite background on these models that is covered in the new MFE/3F syllabus material and through May 2009 was covered on Exam C/4. While initially intended for those taking C/4 before through May 2009 without the MFE/3F background, it might still be helpful for MFE/3F students as well.

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Abacus Learning Institute, Inc.'s Exam Prep material for 4/C covers important actuarial methods that are useful in modeling.  These models go beyond those that are covered in Exam M.

Hosted by Dr. Jim Daniel. The course includes:

  • Overview of Fundamentals
  • Video Lessons, Ranging from under 5 Minutes to 40 Minutes Each, Covering all Syllabus Material
  • Detailed Video Solutions to Practice Problems
  • Study Material
  • Instructor Support
  • Excellent Customer Service

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Abacus Learning Institute's Face-to-Face 4/C Seminar is a traditional exam-prep intensive seminar.  It assumes that participants have already devoted appreciable time to studying the material and are familiar with most of it. The daily format is about 50% fast-paced lecture, 25% problem-solving demonstration, and 25% participants' working on problems with guidance from Dr. Daniel, for five days including a weekend. Seminars are usually scheduled four-to-eight weeks before the exam.


May 3 - 7, 2017 just outside Sacramento in Davis, CA for the June 2017 Exam.

August 9 - 13, 2017 just outside Sacramento in Davis, CA for the October 2017 Exam.


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Once purchased, the seminar schedule, location information (including available hotels and hotel discounts), practice problems, study notes and review tips are readily available to view.

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Receive Abacus Learning Institute, Inc's 4/C Online Fundamentals Course and the Davis, California Face-to-Face Seminar.  See the 4/C Online Fundamentals Course and 4/C Face-to-Face Seminar descriptions above.

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