Dear Students,

These past few weeks have been challenging  as we addressed the need to create new videos for all the preliminary exams because of the changes coming in mid-2018. Primarily---but not solely---for this reason, we have decided to stop selling our video courses and eventually to cease all operations.

Please know that this is not how we wanted this year to unfold. In humility, we ask for your forgiveness if we've caused you a delay in your studies or other problems.

Our students have always been our highest concern. While we are no longer selling our video courses, our existing students will have full access to their learning sessions for the duration of their purchase time.

Also note that Jim Daniel will continue, as he has for nearly 25 years, to offer his face-to-face exam-prep seminars---now for SoA Exams MLC (soon to become LTAM) and C/4 (soon to become STAM)---with information, purchase, and registration available through his website instead of through our AbacusLI website.

Thank you for your interest and support over the years, and best wishes on your exams and in your careers.

Abacus LI